Written by the Rector

Here you can find some devotionals written by the Rector John Anderson

View of Derrykeighan Church

Easter Blessings

I know so many parishioners are delighted that the House of Bishops have re-opened churches from Good Friday 2021.  The positivity at the start of this year when we first heard about vaccines seems to have evaporated in these last 3 months of lockdown.  The freedom of...

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Back to Church / Back to School

The start of the Academic Year gives us some routine, but things are still very uncertain.  Both churches are open on Sundays at the usual times, but the service is shorter and with no singing.  As I write this, some towns are having tightened restrictions and it may...

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The New Normal

From the first Sunday in July 2020, our 2 churches will be ready to open at the normal times.  Risk assessments have been carried out and advice from the House of Bishops and Church House has been taken on board to allow us to worship safely. Hand hygiene is so...

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Cloistered by Coronavirus

At the start of the year, we had never head of Coronavirus or social distancing, but now these things have changed our lives. Some of you are self-isolating, others staying at home.  Those of you who are essential workers are finding the work place a changed...

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The story of Noah ends with God’s promise that the seasons would endure with the rainbow in the sky.  We still stop to look at a rainbow, it always brings a smile on a showery day. We know that the rainbow is a prism, breaking light up into red, yellow, pink, green,...

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