Billy & Derrykeighan Screen Saver

Free download of Billy and Derrykeighan Screen saver.  There are 2 versions of the same file. One
is for broadband users the other is for dial up users.. The only difference is that the file size is 
reduced when using dial up. This will reduce the download time. Please download the file to the path
which  is c\windows\ this will download the screen saver to your window directory. By using the 
following steps you  inform windows that the  file  is a screen saver.  

Click on the blue Church of Ireland Cross  to download the Screen Saver

If you have downloaded the screen saver before, and are currently running on your windows and  want to update the screen saver to the new version "click on about button in configuraton box of the screensaver  for the  current version. If you want to change  the screen saver  from 10 to 18 picture version or change screen saver from 18  to 10 picture  version  or just want to remove it,  you must delete the current version in windows  (c:\windows\ ) and remembering to empty the Recycle Bin on desktop  .before you down load a new version to your windows


The following enables you to delete safely the Billy and Derrykeighan screen saver programmes,
please click here.A File Download Box will appear click onto Run Button for 
the delete programme to run, or click onto the Save Button to save it on the hard drive,

this enables it to be run later.Should any error boxes appear whilst programme is
running please inform Web Master DERVOCKWEB@AOL.COM


7.011 Mb ( 18 Pictures)
Dial up

3.714 MB (10 Pictures)

When you click on the  blue Church of Ireland Cross you will show a download box

Click on the save button this will show the ''Save As '' Screen  box and ask you where you  want to download the file to. 

Make the pull down list box called ''Save in'' show C: drive ( HDD(c:) ) This is done by clicking and 
dragging with the mouse keeping the mouse button down when you drag. Use the horizontal scroll bars to
make the directory windows box visible. Then using the mouse, click on the window folder ( yellow box)
and you will see " Save in" which will have the word ''Windows'' in it, click on the save button and it
will save the file to your windows directory. To make “Billy & Derrykeighan screen saver” 
your current screen saver, access the control panel and select item Display

Click on the  icon called display and  the tab at the  top of  Display Properties screen.

You will see a pull down list box called Screen Saver click and pull down and make “Billy & Derrykeighan Screen saver” as  shown in list box .When you release the mouse you will see the name Billy & Derrykeighan screen saver this  makes  “Billy & Derrykeighan screen saver” the current screen saver. You set the wait timer to 3mins  and remove the tick against “On resume display Welcome screen button”. Should you want to preview screensaver just press the preview button .The button called “Settings” when clicked shows the configuration screen. 

Please note:  If you are a  first time user it will display the registration box.  Enter your  name and town remembering to press the return key on your keyboard at the end of each name and town. When the return key is pressed the name in the box you entered will change so that the name or town you enter will have Capital first letter and the rest of lower case. If you have a double word like "peter smith " the p and s will be capitals.  Pull down the list menu called Country, select your country then press okay button to register it (You must have a Name, Town and Country for the ok button to register the screen  saver ). This operation only happens once and this will register the screen saver to your windows. If there any problems with the registration ONLY  please contact the writer at



Random Picture

When the random picture button is ticked this will show the pictures in a random order

Randon Start

When the random start button is ticked this  will start with not the  same picture every time 

Picture List

When the picture list button is ticked this will show the pictures in sequence from the  first  picture to last.This sequence repeats itself continually.

Picture Rate

This sets the rate at which pictures are displayed   0.1 seconds to 6.3 seconds 

 Password Enabled

When the  password enabled is  ticked this makes the set password button available for any change to password,  the next time you access the configuration screen  it will ask you  for the current password (last password entered).  

Set Password

When the set password is ticked the set password box is shown 

It  will change the old password to a new one you must know the current password before you can set the new password. The current default password is ''Church of Ireland" please also note that the password is case sensitive.  

 About Button

This will display the registered information.